The family made the difficult decision to split their family in two, with Yvonne and Tristan moving to Denver, where the little boy has been receiving cannabis oil treatment for more than a year.
Dad John remained in Dunmanway, Cork for work while the couple’s other son Oscar joined his mum in the US in April.
The video, which was captured by C103’s Cork Today Show shows the magical moment the family reunite after their difficult year apart in Cork Airport.
Speaking on the show, Yvonne said: “It was exhausting but every minute was worth it. I think I’m still in shellshock mode but I’m delighted to see so many friendly faces.”
Tristan’s condition has massively improved since the beginning of the treatment in the US and mum Yvonne is actively campaigning to made medical use of cannabis to be legalised in Ireland. It has been almost three months since Tristan last suffered a …