They call him the ‘Man with the Golden Arm’, and that’s no understatement. A 78-year old Australian man who has set the record for the most blood donations in the nation is believed to have helped save the lives of over two million babies since her started donating his rare blood type in 1967.
Despite giving blood an average of once every three weeks over the past 60 years, James Harrison told reporters that he still feels a bit uncomfortable with the process. “I look at the nurses, the ceiling, the spots on the wall, anything but the needle. It’s too macabre, I think; watching yourself get stuck with the needle,” Mr Harrison said.
Regardless, that hasn’t stopped Mr Harrison from his frequent donations – which have now surpassed 1,100. Every single one involved blood taken from this right arm, earning it the moniker of ‘golden arm’.
According to data from the Australian …