When families go hungry, no one wins. One man in Orange County is helping out those in need with hot meals for kids and families in need.
Bill Bracken is the man behind Bracken’s Kitchen. He wanted to start helping people after seeing so many lose their jobs and struggle.
It was after he lost his job back in 2011, that he began to work on Bracken’s Kitchen in earnest. Through a donation, he got “Betsy” the fire-red food truck he uses to bring food to families in Orange County. 
“A kitchen on wheels. Bring food to the people, instead of making people come looking for the food.” 
One family is grateful for Bracken’s Kitchen, and not just for the food. One mom of four, says she’s thankful for the opportunity to share a meal with family. 
Bracken’s Kitchen also provides meals-to-go for families. The meals-to-go are part of a partnership with Chefs to End …