Amy Rickel had messaged Brian Van Boxtel, a stranger, asking for prayers.  She meant to send the message to a friend with a similar name.  Van Boxtel had never met or heard of Rickel… but that was not the end of the conversation.
“He was like, ‘Nope!  God puts us in people’s lives for a reason,” recalls Rickel.
After moving to Green Bay to be closer to her children’s father, Rickel wound up homeless and jobless with her three children.  They were living in a hotel when their money ran out  and her car stopped working.  They had nowhere else to go.
Rickel says she was “bawling and praying and that’s when Brian messaged me.”
Van Boxtel said he was coming to pay for her hotel stay.  A simple question prompted him: “What would Jesus do?”
Van Boxtel convinced Rickel to set up a GoFundMe account.
That’s when Kathy Schumann …