He’s been involved in some dubious money making schemes over the years, but this time Trailer Park Boys resident rapper J-Roc has his heart in the right place.
In what started as a response to a fan who asked how much he would have to donate to a local food bank to get a signed picture, J-Roc (aka Jonathan Torrens) upped the ante, promising a personalized recording from J-Roc to anyone who made a minimum $50 donation to a food bank or shelter.
The idea is catching on. So far dozens have people have made donations and Torrens is rolling with it, using his Twitter account and Facebook to connect to all the “Mafsks” who have taken him up on his offer.
“I’ve just been doing some work with (Halifax-based charity) Feed Nova Scotia and I know how tight times are for lots of people,” Torrens told Cantech Letter Sunday. …