City leaders in Kotka in southeast Finland have continued their unique tradition of pardoning drivers guilty of breaking minor parking rules. Instead of parking tickets and fines, miscreant motorists returned to their vehicles on Christmas Eve to find a whimsical greeting card and sweets.
The card depicts Santa digging into his pocket for cash for the parking metre, with one of his reindeer – presumably Rudolph – tied to the device.
“People who have forgotten to put out their parking timer or their receipt get chocolate or candy. However if  the parking infraction is serious, for example if a car is [improperly] parked at a t-junction on the sidewalk or too close to a pedestrian crossing, then we issue a fine,” said Kaija Vörös, head of Kotka’s parking monitoring unit.
Last Saturday on Christmas Eve, traffic wardens distributed seasonal cards and candy to roughly 40 drivers who did not observe parking laws. The …