SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — Saying that members of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus are close would be an understatement. Take it from former chorister Ross Woodall.
“I joined the SF Gay Men’s Chorus back in 2003 and it’s kind’ve become my second family,” Woodall said.
This Christmas, Woodall is getting the best gift a person could ask for — his life, thanks to a fellow singer who’s donating a portion of his liver so Woodall can survive.
Ross found out he was HIV positive back in 1987. In 1996 the virus caused him to lose his sight. In 2015 he realized he was running out of time. That’s when he decided to ask the other members of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus to donate half their liver. At first, no one who offered to donate was a match, until Dave Andrade joined the group.
Andrade joined the chorus in late 2015, just …