A baby elephant who lost part of her foot in a snare has been receiving hydrotherapy to help her walk again.
Six-month-old “Clear Sky” was wounded three months ago when she stepped into a trap laid by farmers to protect their crops in Thailand.
She was found hobbling and alone after being separated from her mother.
After her arriva; at an animal hospital in Chonburi province, a few hours from the country’s capital Bangkok, she has undergone surgery on her damaged foot.
It is hoped that regular follow-up hydrotherapy sessions will strengthen the withered muscles in her left leg. 
Footage from her first dip in the pool showed a nervous Clear Sky reaching out to the keepers for support.
To acclimatise her to the water, the calf was splashed before being lowered into the pool in a harness.
“By her fourth or fifth sessions she will enjoy swimming more,” said veterinarian Padet Siridumrong.
“She is still a bit nervous and scared of …