JERSEY CITY — It was a cold and snowy weekend, but that did not keep more than one hundred volunteers inside their warm homes. 
Now in its second year, volunteers with JC Shovels made sure their elderly neighbors had clean stairs and walkways. 
While most of the 200 registered homes had their snow removed during the height of yesterday’s snow storm, volunteers Patrick Ambrossi, 22, and Roberto Martinez, 23, finished clearing a Boyd Avenue home Sunday morning. 
The two men, with shovels in their hands, said participating in the program is an easy way to get involved in the community. 
“I moved here less than a year ago and (I’m) just trying to help out the community and the senior citizens that have given so much to the community,” Martinez said. 
Ambrossi said JC Shovels brings people together to help serve some of the city’s most vulnerable residents. 
“Winter is pretty tough, especially tough for people who are …