It’s believed that Edwins, a French restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio that opened in 2013, is the only high-end restaurant in the United States where ex-offenders make up the majority of the staff.
And in addition to serving up delicious examples of French cuisine, these former criminals are learning valuable skills to help them get a second chance in life.
What makes this story even sweeter is that of the 200 plus students that have gone through their six-month rotation at Edwins over the past few years, not one has re-offended, and over 90% of them have gained permanent employment – an amazing result and one that will hopefully inspire other restaurateurs to follow suit.
The restaurant opened in 2013 and was inspired by the passion of owner Brandon Chrostowski. He wanted to give former criminals a chance that they otherwise might not have, and he did it because he’d also had a run in …