The owner of the Gallipot Inn stumbled upon an old discarded bus stop sign which inspired a cheeky but effective plan to get buses to stop outside his pub.
John Hawkridge, owner of the tavern for the past couple of years, apparently found the old sign in a hedge about four miles away from his business.
The canny entrepreneur immediately realized he could put it to good use. For a bit of a laugh, he erected the sign outside the Gallipot Inn, not expecting much to come of the endeavour other than a few laughs among this regulars.
But in a happy twist of fate for drinkers in the area, the local bus companies started serving the fake stop, so much so that it has now been added to the official timetable.
As Hawkridge told local media outlets: “We bought the Gallipot about two years ago and I just thought it would be good to have a bus …