A five-year-old boy kept his cool when his Mum accidentally locked herself in the bathroom – leaving him and his three-year-old brother unsupervised in their flat.
Yousef Mostafa used his Mum’s mobile phone to call his Dad in Egypt and tell him what was happening. She had got stuck in the bathroom of their seventh floor flat on Baldwin Street in Bristol.
Yousef’s Dad then called a friend in London, who contacted the Metropolitan police, who then contacted Avon and Somerset Police.
Nahla Zahran had been trapped in the bathroom for four hours when the police arrived.
PCSO Lauren Holt said:
“This job initially came in as a concern for welfare. When we arrived I was amazed at how calm and sensible the children were, especially given the fact they have only been in this country for a few weeks and speak very little English.”
“Yousef had been speaking with his dad in Egypt on …