Updated at 8:55 a.m.
DULLES, Va.—An enormous cheer erupted from the circle of lawyers when one of them read out the news from his Twitter feed: The American Civil Liberties Union had been granted a stay by a federal judge in New York that would temporarily halt parts of President Donald Trump’s executive order limiting immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries. He scrolled a bit more. “And it’s national!” More cheers.
It’s the announcement the attorneys had been waiting for since they began arriving at the international terminal of Dulles International Airport three, four, even five hours before. They’d been milling about at the end of a long human tunnel formed by hundreds of protesters, flashing signs that read “Free legal help!”
The demonstrators chanted welcoming slogans, denouncing the executive order that Trump signed Friday. The order was so broad that even people from those countries who held student visas, work visas, and green …