Along with being one of the internet’s favourite memes, Nicolas Cage has given some spectacular performances over his career. 
Yet, people’s opinions on Cage vary hugely. Some believe the actor to be spectacular, a crazed genius who gives everything his all. Others dislike his maniacally differing performances.
What we can all agree on, though, is Cage’s brilliance when interacting with fans. Most recently, the Oscar winner appeared at Nic Cage celebration, titled CAGED.
Kicking us off is Phil Lord and Christopher Mille’s bizarre animated film about a scientist who creates a machine that transforms water into food. So far, not too crazy, but then the machine gets stuck in the sky and it starts raining food. Everything goes wrong and Flint Lockwood must save the day by flying up to the machine and kicking fried chicken butt. Yeah, a pretty crazy premise, but a fantastic film.
Tim Burton is a director who could fill …