Beefcakes, the dog who survived a gunshot wound in 2015, has found a new home after he was put up for adoption a second time.
The Longmont Humane Society adopted out the 4-year-old pit bull last year, but those new owners were forced to return him due to a family emergency, and he was once again put up for adoption.
Because of some medical conditions and the fact that he can’t go to a home with dogs or cats, the adoption process for Beefcakes was a strict one. But the humane society said that Beefcakes was adopted last week.
“We are so happy for him!” said Carrie Brackenridge, a Longmont Humane Society spokeswoman.
Formerly known as Ice Tee, Beefcakes was shot by his foster owner Russell Middleton in July 2015 after the dog got into a fight with Middleton’s girlfriend’s Chihuahua.
Beefcakes was found injured and wandering near U.S. 36 and St. Vrain Road with …