A missing dog, lost for seven months in the Sierra wilderness, has finally been found safe. 
Sasha became a local legend, appearing and disappearing, up until two weeks ago. After off-and-on sightings for more than half a year, a couple from Truckee reunited with their German shepherd, Sasha on January 17. It took a lot of help from the community and a stroke of good luck to find her. 
“Not knowing where she was, not knowing where she was getting food, I worried a lot,” said Carolyn Magin, Sasha’s owner. 
The dog vanished in the summer while staying with a pet sitter in Truckee. Her disappearance happened on June 29, just a day after Magin and her husband, Tom Kulczycki left for vacation. 
“She was trying to find her way home.”
Crossing highways and wandering further away, Sasha became lost. Days went by, then weeks and months. 
“I would worry so much when the weather got …