“Oh, Cupid!”
The woman who helped rescue the eight-week-old puppy couldn’t help but cheer him on as he tested out new legs.
“I think everybody had a big gulp when he took that first movement forward. He is the sweetest boy and he has got such a happy disposition,” said Joan Znidarec, president and co-founder of The Dog Rescuers Inc.
WATCH: Rescue puppy Cupid takes his first steps on prosthetic legs. Christina Stevens reports. (Feb. 9)
Cupid was born without front legs and he was found in a bag in a garbage bin, then later rejected by a rescue which described him as “unadoptable.”
When Znidarec got involved, Cupid was finally given a chance at life.
He was nursed back to health and has now had the change to try out new, custom built prosthetic legs.
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Without knowing how to walk …