Last week, Fadwa Alaoui, a resident of the Montreal suburb of Brossard, was turned away at the U.S. border after being questioned about her Muslim faith and her views on Donald Trump.
The Moroccan-born Canadian citizen was headed to Vermont to do some shopping, which included buying a toy for her five-year-old son Youssef who had recently completed chemotherapy.
The incident, which has since made international news, did not sit well with one Vermont physician.
“I guess it felt like someone had treated my neighbour badly,” said Andy Solomon. “I imagined poor Youssef waiting for hours while they’re interrogating his mom.”
Solomon got in touch with CBC after reading Alaoui’s story. Like any good neighbour, he wanted to ask Alaoui if it was OK for him to drop by and offer some support.
On Saturday, Solomon did just that. 
He loaded up the Subaru with his wife Rebecca Starks and their two kids, and after a two-hour drive through the snow from Burlington to …