Jimmy Spagnolo is a 6-year-old dancing machine.
Videos posted by his mother, Lacie Spagnolo, to social media chronicling his fight against cancer show him bopping, smiling and clapping down hospital hallways.
“Music is in his soul,” Lacie Spagnolo told ABC News today.
So it made sense that after Jimmy, a first-grader from outside Pittsburgh, rang a bell last week signaling the end of his final chemotherapy treatment, he screamed, hugged his family and then, of course, began dancing.
The Sound of ‘Success’: Young Patients Ring Bell to Mark End of Cancer Treatment
The ringing of a bell is a tradition that’s been adopted by children’s cancer centers around the country to mark the end of the chemotherapy journey and hopefully a child’s discharge from the hospital.
Lacie Spagnolo told ABC News today that it was Jimmy’s first time getting to ring a bell. …