Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer and Seat Bid are promoting the online ticket bidding marketplace by offering fans the chance to bid on two of Ballmer’s baseline courtside seats for the team’s Feb. 15 home game against the Atlanta Hawks.
Ballmer hopes to drum up interest in Seat Bid, which he referred to as the “eBay” of ticking buying during his Conan O’Brien appearance in December. The highest bidder will get to sit with Ballmer in his seats near the Clippers’ bench, sample the all-you-can-eat menu and take advantage of VIP valet parking.
Bidding was set at $10,000 per ticket, but the current high bid is just above $2,000. All of the proceeds will be donated to charity through the L.A. Clippers Foundation.
Seat Bid is one of multiple ticket buying options listed on the Clippers official website. But it is the only online marketplace the team offers without locked-in prices. And …