A Quebec mother who posted a video of her son’s attempt to protect a fellow student from a bully has celebrated his heroism while condemning the school for failing to intervene.
Melany Barrick of Pincourt, Quebec, posted a video  shot by a student at Cité-des-Jeunes High School in Vaudreuil – to her Facebook page over the weekend.
The video, which appears to be filmed on the grounds of a school, shows a hoodie-clad boy shoving another student across a muddy field while other students stand by hollering insults.
A third student – Ms Barrick’s son, Kévin – suddenly appears on camera, tackling the tormenter from behind, before he is then set upon by the bully’s allies.
Ms Barrick said she was alarmed that there were no teachers on sight and that her son was suspended as a result of his actions.
She has nevertheless praised Kévin for “taking a great risk” in defending the bullied …