There’s nothing good about getting stuck in a backup on Interstate 5 after a tanker truck full of propane rolls over.
That is, unless a taco truck opens for business a few cars down at lunchtime.
“I got out and was walking around, and I see this lady walking back to her car with a to-go box,” said Rachael McQuade, of Federal Way, who with her husband got stuck for three hours in the complete closure of I-5 on Monday.
Sure enough, not far away, she found El Tajin had begun serving food in the traffic standstill.
McQuade said she stood with a line of people and ordered two steak and two chicken tacos for her husband, Mike, who was waiting in the car for his delivery.
“What do you do in a time like that? You got to make the best of it, right?” she said.
The 33-year-old school-bus driver said she missed her doctor’s …