Twenty-year-olds Jared Grzywacz and Collin Fenton were on their way to watch Friday night’s St. Louis Blues game on TV when they drove past a house on fire and saw a family trying to escape through a window.
And just like that, they were carrying 88-year-old Margaret Roso — who is unable to walk — out from the window and to safety.
“You can’t just drive by and not do anything,” Fenton said as crews extinguished the fire. “… It is weird; this is a way we don’t normally take to (Grzywacz’s) brother’s house.”
The two men said they saw the South Hesperia Street house’s porch in flames and smoke pouring from the home.
“It makes you think — what if it were you?” Grzywacz said. “They lost a lot. I just think of all that I could lose.”
The flames ignited about 7:40 p.m., just as resident Tammy Atwood ran outside to grab …