You and I have heard a lot of stories across the world that how parents have gone out of their way to save the lives of their kids.
The Internet is flooded with courageous stories of parents who have sacrificed everything for their children’s.
However, today we are going to share an uplifting story of a seven-year kid who gave his kidneys to save his mother life.
This is a tremendous and powerful story of a small child that will definately touch million of hearts and if you like this story do share this with your friends.
Chen when he was five year old he was diagnosed with malignant brain tumor.
Rarely her mother Zhou had digested this story; she got bad news from doctors that she’d contracted kidney disease.
The mother and son got admitted to hospital side-by-side and battled in the hospital for years. Zhou required dialysis and chen required round-the-clock care.
Initially, …