BEEVILLE – Maybe Analisa Sanchez should have been doing her homework after school Wednesday.
But she had something that needed tending to first.
The 8-year-old wanted to make sure the flowers and vases at Beeville Memorial Park were straight and in place.
That afternoon, she and  her grandfather Robert Doubrava Jr. were repairing one of the headstone vases that had been kicked over recently.
“I have some stuff called Seal-All,” Doubrava said. “Once you glue it, it is going to hold.
“I am going to go out there and glue it for them.”
This one came from the Lancaster grave.
“I don’t know them,” he said. “Well, I might know them. The name sounds familiar.”
As he worked, so did Analisa. She was busy scurrying about the cemetery.
“Don’t go too far,” he calls to her from several graves away.
“I have to straighten the blue flowers,” she calls back.
She wasn’t stopping until all the graves were in good condition …