While the world is working to make transportation greener, delivery trucks remain part of the problem. With all the energy needed to carry those heavy loads, they are a big source of emissions. Yet, powering a delivery truck or an 18-wheeler with an electric battery isn’t very practical. As it turns out, a solution for the future involves looking back.
By stringing up electrical cables over the road, Siemens developed a hybrid truck that draws power from the cables like a trolley. Already this system has been going through testing in Gavle, Sweden. Now, the technology is making its way to a part of the 710 and 405 highways in Los Angeles.
“These trucks are pretty heavy, and need significant amounts of energy, which still isn’t available through battery technology,” Stefan Goeller, head of railway electrification at Siemens, told Wired.
During the trail, an extendable power coupler on the roof of the trucks links it to the …