Margaret Hubl passed away last July in Nebraska at the age of 89, reported Today, but it’s safe to say her legacy will continue to live on.
You see, Hubl was a quilter. While some people make quilts as an afternoon pastime, she made them to communicate her love for her family.
This was very clear at her funeral, when her children and grandchildren decided to drape all of the quilts that she had made over the backs of the pews.
Hubl’s quilts were draped over each pew at her church to honor her memory.
Image courtesy of Christina Tollman.
“Never did I imagine how many there were,” Hubl’s granddaughter, Christina Tollman, told TODAY. “We covered almost every single pew in that church. I never knew how many she actually made.”
And while the quilts are special, the meaning behind them really takes the cake.
Hubl spent her life caring for her family. She had three …