BATON ROUGE — A woman is being praised by the Baton Rouge Police Department after she literally jumped in to save a police officer under attack.
Vickie Williams-Tillman was driving down the street early Sunday morning when she came upon Officer Billy Amie. The officer was reportedly trying to put a suspect under arrest after finding drugs in his car. The two were having a “heated exchange” when the suspect started struggling. Instead of just driving by, Williams-Tillman pulled up alongside the officer and asked if he needed any help. That’s when things reportedly got violent, CBS News reported.
The suspect, 28-year-old Thomas Bennett, managed to get the officer’s baton and began beating Officer Amie over the head.
Williams-Tillman immediately dialed 911, but soon realized she needed to take action.
“Risking her own safety she jumped out of her vehicle and onto the back of the 28-year old assailant,” the police department said. …