Dozens of dogs that were destined for the dinner table now have a second chance at life — and could soon be begging for your table scraps. 
The 46 dogs were flown to New York City from South Korea after being rescued from a farm where they were to be slaughtered for human consumption, animal advocates said Sunday.
The Humane Society International is responsible for saving the dogs that were fed barely enough to survive.
The animals arrived at Kennedy International Airport late Saturday and were headed to emergency shelters in New York, Maryland and Pennsylvania on Sunday. Some of the dogs will be available for adoption from Animal Haven in New York City.
The farm in Goyang, a city just north of Seoul, “was more like a dungeon, where there’s very little light, little to no ventilation, so the stench of ammonia would bring tears to your eyes when you walk through,” said Kelly O’Meara, who …