The first person in the UK to have a double hand transplant has written a letter of thanks to his surgeon, nine months after his pioneering operation.
Chris King, 57, of Doncaster, lost both hands, except his thumbs, in an accident at work four years ago.
He had the complex operation at Leeds General Infirmary in July.
The Leeds Rhinos fan is also looking forward to being able to clap when he goes to watch the rugby league team.
Mr King can now do a range of tasks, including writing, making a cup of tea and gardening, and has progressed faster than his surgeon anticipated.
He next hopes to tie his own shoelaces and button up his shirt.
“It’s been going fantastically,” he said.
“I can make a fist, I can hold a pen, I can do more or less the same functions as I could with my original hands.”
Mr King’s accident involved a metal pressing …