When a group of pals realised their mate had dropped out of a pre-booked holiday, they had a novel idea to fill his space.
The friends decided to offer the Spanish trip to everyone they could find with the same name as the man they were leaving behind.
Joe McGrath, 21, from Manchester , says he had nothing to lose when the nine friends from Bristol contacted him online.
With a spot to fill on their holiday to Mallorca, the gang had set about finding a stranger to take pal Joe McGrath’s space.
They tried 15 Joe McGraths, asking them all if they would be interested in a free holiday.
In the message, Dan Gobio said flights on the all-inclusive holiday had already been arranged.
He added: “It’s our friend Nathan’s 30th birthday and we decided to throw him a surprise holiday break in Mallorca.
“Unfortunately, our friend Joe McGrath can’t attend, but we have …