A new patent application has revealed that Disney is looking into the development of robotic versions of its animated characters.
The document describes “soft body” robots built specifically for “physical interaction with humans”.
It doesn’t mention any specific characters, but the images alongside the filing show off a bulbous torso resembling that of Big Hero 6’s Baymax. 
The entertainment firm’s application repeatedly stresses the importance of safety.
It says the robots would have a “rigid support element” and soft, deformable body parts that could potentially be filled with a gas or fluid.
“The inventors recognized that there was a need for robots that can safely interact with humans and, particularly, with children,” reads the patent.
“In practice, the interior space is filled with a gas such as air, and the pressure measured or sensed by the pressure sensor is the pressure of the gas in the interior space, which increases from a non-contact value to a …