WYOMING, Mich. – A group of people with a range of disabilities is taking center stage in Wyoming, throwing a performance that could put their organization in the limelight.
The premiere of “Pulling on a String” was at Marge’s Donut Den Wednesday evening. Each cast member is facing some form of disability, but the group says nothing can hold them back.
“We all have a disability,” director Todd Wolf said. “We weren’t picked first on the team, you know?”
The performance is generating awareness for a noble cause. Wolf says the whole thing was done on a $1,200 budget.
“It’s about a theater owner who is under cover,” says Wolf. “So he’s like an undercover boss and plays a janitor.”
“Yeah, there was a lot of takes,” says Joe Picker, an actor in the show. “I didn’t memorize any of the lines. I just read the script, and I did the editing too.”
The group completed …