On any given day, Leo Zaverukha’s booming voice echoes through the Mountain View High School halls that he mops and across the fields that he mows.
Some days it’s Russian folk songs. On others, he serenades students with American classics or Christian hymns. Either way, he’s tough to miss.
A Ukrainian, Zaverukha came to the United States in 1996 after his parents fled from Russia as refugees. He first settled in California before getting the job at Mountain View in Meridian in 2005. He’s been a fixture ever since.
“I like everything. I like people around me. I like school. I like positive things. And I like flowers — there are plenty of flowers here because I am the groundskeeper, and my little hobby is to plant the bushes and flowers, too, that you can see outside.”
In Sacramento, he sang to nursing home residents. In Meridian, high school students get serenaded …