The nation’s first sugar tax (one cent per ounce) in Berkeley, California has led to a decline in soft drink consumption, a new study shows.
And it’s making a lot of health experts very, very happy.
With sugary drink consumption directly linked to an increased risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and possibly heart failure, experts hoped that taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages would curb people from buying unhealthy sugary drinks.
Sales of soft drinks drop nearly 10% in just 1 year
One year after the introduction of the tax on sugary drinks, a study published just this week in PLoS Medicine shows that sales of these products in Berkeley fell by 9.6%, while sales in surrounding areas, where no tax was imposed, rose by 6.9%.
Furthermore, the sugar tax raised $1.4 million for child nutrition and community health programs.
Would spending more curb you from drinking …