Willie Ortiz who helps homeless cats, got $28,000 which was raised online to continue his good work. He was hoping to get help and he was very happy. The retired welder who is 76 years of age has been feeding Hartford and East Hartford, Connecticut’s stray, and feral cats for over 20 years, stating, he clocks 22 miles on his truck daily, purchasing supplies with his own money to bring to 16 stops along the way, and selling scrap metal to pay for it.
Because of exposure in a story by Connecticut’s Hartford Courant, outsiders were motivated to donate to help fund Willie’s work but after the story was shared on Reddit, it moved things to the next level. The fundraising objective was immediately followed with donations from as far away as India and Portugal.
With donations reaching the $28,465 mark on Tuesday afternoon, Willie says he plans to use the donation …