The world-renowned architect I.M. Pei turns 100 years old on Wednesday. For those of you Dallasites who may be unfamiliar with his name, I guarantee you are familiar his work. Pei’s architectural feats adorn our wonderful city of Dallas.
After all, it was former Dallas Mayor Erik Jonsson’s chief project to reshape the city’s image after the tragic assassination of Kennedy in Dealey Plaza. According to architectural website, on his first Dallas project, Pei said: “When you do a city hall, it has to convey an image of the people, and this had to represent the people of Dallas… The people I met — rich and poor, powerful and not so powerful — were all very proud of their city. They felt that Dallas was the greatest city there was, and I could not disappoint them.”
Perhaps, the most interesting fact about Dallas City Hall’s structure is that its three front …