The couple hit the red carpet on Wednesday night for the premiere of The Circle at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, looking more loved-up than ever.
And just last month, Hanks was gushing about his wife on Phoebe Robinson’s podcast, who he has two children with, saying he knew straight away “there was something crazy great about her”.
Hanks’ profession of love for his wife shouldn’t come as a shock as he previously described their marriage as “sacred”, explaining that was the catalyst behind their National Enquirer lawsuit, even scoring a retraction from the tabloid for claiming they would divorce late last year.
“Our marriage is really sacred to us. It was just unacceptable. If we do something stupid in public, go ahead, do that, but don’t make up this nonsense. They were so bogus, it was kind of foul,” he told Extra.
“At a certain point, you have to call …