Two Carlyle High School students saved a man’s life after his car flipped over in a pond Saturday night.
The man turned off Old U.S. 50 into Fish Hatchery Park when he’d gotten a phone call, according to Carlyle Police Chief Mark Pingsterhaus. Adjusting his Bluetooth set, the man lost control of his Lexus, which turned over onto the roof and into the water.
Tyler Guthrie and Tucker Johnson, both students at Carlyle High School, were driving in Johnson’s car when they saw the vehicle turn over about 100 yards in front of them.
“(We) were at the right place at the right time,” Johnson said.
When they saw the accident, the adrenaline kicked in, Guthrie said. Time seemed to slow down.
The students pulled over, got out, and checked on the car at the edge of the pond. The passenger-side door was locked, but they could hear a man …