Teeme Ära (“Let’s do it”) follows the Estonian tradition of talgud, a common effort to get a major task done. The term is difficult to translate and may refer to friends gathering to help someone tidy up their property, renovate, or in general get any kind of work done that would be difficult or very time-consuming if undertaken without help. Generally a kind of extended spring clean-up, in the case of the movement applied to all of the country.
Going on with statistics, the busiest area of Estonia on Saturday was Saaremaa, where almost 12 percent of the local population participated in a total of 211 different events cleaning up the environment, fixing hiking trails, and the like.
Though small, the movement again spawned a few associated events abroad: In Finland, 47 people participated in three different efforts, and in Canada close to Toronto 25 people participated in a Teeme-Ära-inspired event as …