This is the first book publisher of a founder with African roots in Germany for Germany, Africa, Europe and the world.
Dantse, Dantse:
My African-inspired tips and tricks help parents to soften hard nuts, all with love, patience, consistency, and justice.
For this, it is very important to know yourself, to love and to raise yourself to happiness. It was therefore always my dream to write books, in which I can communicate all these experiences (beautiful as unsightly).
The idea came with the children’s romans, which are also interesting for adults. I write like I am. I write versatile because my life is also versatile.
My children’s books are different and should bring a slightly different mood into the children’s book world. In my novels, the main editor is Johnny Walker. He can be black or white, fraud or policeman, doctor or lawyer, etc.
“Yeah, I am Johnny Fuck Me Walker, the rich black man …