‘As of May 8th, we have biked 475 miles and have removed over 171 pounds of trash.’
Collecting trash while crossing the country by bike, Seth and Abby (above) are in week two of their ‘Packing It Out’ tour.
After departing Cumberland Island National Seashore, we began biking toward my hometown of Statesboro, Ga. Our mission: Collect trash and inspire others to leave the environment better than they found it.
We’re just getting used to life on the move. The routine is forming. The coming weeks will be dedicated to discovering this new mode of travel. We are looking forward to finding cadence and falling into our rhythm on the road!
475 Miles, 171 lbs of Trash Collected
The first few days on the bikes went surprisingly smooth. We moved fast and arrived a day earlier than anticipated. Our gear has been functioning without fault and so far we haven’t been hassled about our rogue camping locations (see tent photo …