On Thursday, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation launched a $2 million prize to rethink how we use plastic packaging and stop it clogging the oceans. It’s asking people to redesign plastic packaging to make it easier to reuse or recycle, and to make more plastic materials recyclable.
“So much plastic ends up in the ocean that by 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean,” Rob Opsomer, who leads the Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize, tells WIRED.
Set up by Dame Ellen MacArthur, best known for her record-breaking sailing trip around the world, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation is dedicated to pushing for a circular economy – a system where resources are used and re-used, rather than wasted. When MacArthur was on her boat, she had to think carefully about everything she took with her and make do with limited supplies, just as the global economy has to be mindful …