OXFORD, Ohio (WDTN) – A high school student at Talawanda is getting a full scholarship thanks to a comedian and that’s no joke.
Gary Owen posted on social media Friday morning that he visited his alma mater Thursday evening.
There he met Jessie Bailey which he described as not not having “been dealt the best hand in life.”
According to Owen, Bailey, “was sleeping in his grandfathers trailer on the floor no bed, no covers, no blanket. A girl he went school with started giving him her lunch so he would have something to eat at night. That girl asked her mom for a pillow and blanket so he could sleep on something. That girls mother is a cafeteria aid at Talawanda high school. The mother asked Jessie to stay at her house 1 night. That night turned to a week that week turned into a month & now that cafeteria aid is Jessie’s …