This pup is looking tar-rific!
A man was walking by a barn in Yazoo County, Mississippi, last week when he discovered a tiny puppy glued to the ground in a pool of tar that was leaking out of a storage container, according to reports.
As the puppy yelped for help, Mike Frazier called FLY Animal Rescue and rescuers quickly arrived.
“He was embedded in tar, it was up under the center of that tar tank,” Frazier told WLOX. “And it was caked in tar about 2 to 3 inches thick.”
Members of the organization and good Samaritans were able to free the poor pup, but their work to save him was just beginning.
The stray dog was taken to the Animal Medical Center, where he was sedated and covered in coconut oil, WLOX reported.
Fly Animal Rescue posted updates to their Facebook page with photos of the dog, nicknamed Warrior, as they slowly cleaned off the tar. “It’s tedious and …