Veteran Don Harvill leaned on alcohol and medication to cope with his PTSD, hoping that he could forget what happened in Iraq 12 years ago.
He was drunk for two days after he returned from the war, where he felt some responsibility for the death of a fellow soldier. Harvill turned to a therapist for help, but he still couldn’t move forward.
This spring, more than a decade after he went in Iraq, his nightmares finally stopped.
Harvill, 47, says a three-week intensive program at the Center for Veterans and Their Families at Rush University Medical Center helped ease years of persistent pain.
But nothing helped more with his healing, he said, than an exuberant, golden Labrador and mastiff mix named Sierra.
“She has changed my life,” Harvill said of Sierra, who was given to him by K9s for Veterans and has been trained to help with the Wilsonville, Ill., vet’s specific needs. Sierra senses …