It was an emotional moment on May 19 when Raymond McNamara reunited with his 20-year-old blind cat, Lily, after she was lost for two months in Florida.
“Hey Lily, you happy to be home? Happy your daddy’s got you?” Kathy Bieniek, the vice president of Saving Sage Animal Rescue in Miami, can be heard saying to McNamara in a video posted on YouTube. “Daddy’s happy too, I can tell.”
“She’s never going to get away from me again,” McNamara replied on camera, fighting back tears.
McNamara had been traveling cross-country from California with his beloved cat when the long-haired Himalayan wandered off and got lost in South Florida. Devastated, McNamara alerted the authorities for help.
“Animal control and the police department were looking for her when she was first lost. He stirred up a lot of attention because he was frantic,” Bieniek told ABC News. “We organized the search party trying to find her …