A 28-year-old dad in Washington State is feeling the effects of good karma with people sending him money as a reward for returning a mistaken $1,200 PayPal transfer into his account.
Gerrell McAllister, a cashier at a natural pet food store in Takoma, woke up last week to an email saying “you’ve got money!” He thought it was spam or, maybe, that he was just misunderstanding something because he hadn’t had his coffee yet. It wasn’t, and when he realised the sender’s mistake he knew he had to send it back.
“To me it was kind of a no-brainer,” Mr McAllister told The Independent. “I knew it wasn’t mine. Nobody would send that amount without knowing me.”
Doing so paid off: When Melissa Trusler, a Seattle resident who was supposed to get the money from her father for her 30th birthday, posted about Mr McAllister’s act online, strangers began sending money to his PayPal account to help …