The photo of the 5-year-old shell-shocked from narrowly surviving an attack, covered in soot and dust, with his face smeared with dried blood, showed the senseless violence and brutality of the war and the innocent civilians who were caught in the crossfire.
Omran and his family were interviewed by Kinana Allouche for the Al Mayadeen TV channel. It’s worth noting that Allouche is a controversial reporter who’s stirred criticism for her coverage of the conflict, making some viewers skeptical of the interview entirely. The family has reportedly refused interview opportunities in the past, causing some to question if the interview is staged or coerced. 
As Kareem Shaheen at The Guardian explains, “It was unclear if the family had been coerced into conducting the interview. The Syrian government has carried out similar disinformation efforts in the past, promising benefits to defectors or displaced civilians if they speak out against alleged rebel crimes.”