Ryan Dant (left) was born with a rare disease that was expected to end his life by age 10, but on May 13, 2017 the 29-year-old will be graduating from college.

On Saturday, 29-year-old Ryan Dant will walk across the stage in his cap and gown as he graduates from his dream school, the University of Louisville.
It’s remarkable because Ryan wasn’t expected to attend college, let alone the school whose logo he wore on T-shirts and basketball jerseys as a toddler. Because underneath that cap and gown, medications are circulating through his entire body to make this moment possible. Because his parents never gave up, even when they heard there was no chance.
It’s remarkable because Ryan is still alive, despite being born with a death sentence in his genes.
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The normal beginnings of rare disease
His father, Mark Dant, likes to say that Ryan was born with a love for baseball. The night before his birth, his parents went to a Texas Rangers game.
The healthy, beautiful boy was born in 1988, …